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All of our aquatic programs and swimming lessons are Red Cross Certified (including a certificate at the end for each participant) and designed to help the participant grow as a swimmer and teach competence in the water. Swimming is a great way to keep ourselves in shape and it encourages sportsmanship and strong character. Our swimming lessons are offered when the Frog Pond is open during the summer months. Dates, times and prices will be available each summer.

Parents and infant/toddler classes
Designed for children one to four years old, this program builds swim readiness and confidence in the water with an emphasis on having fun. Parents and children participate in guided activities including bubble-blowing, floating on front and back, elementary backstroke, freestyle and underwater swim. Parents must participate.

Level 1
For children ages four and up who desire to build their confidence in the water. Child should be comfortable in a group setting. This class introduces the swimmer to the beginner forms of freestyle and backstroke.

Level 2
(ages 5+) Child must be comfortable in group settings. This level will teach the refining skills involved in freestyle and backstroke. This includes breathing, arm pull and proper kick.

Level 3
(ages 5+) Child must have completed level 2. This class will introduce breaststroke to swimmers and begin lap-swimming and diving.

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