Animal Control
 Charett, Lori
Animal Control Officer(540) 382-5795email
 Helmick, Charles Ray Chief Animal Control Officer (540) 382-5795 email
 Ogle, MavinAnimal Control Officer(540) 382-5795email

Board of Supervisors
 Biggs, MaryDistrict F Supervisor(540) 951-5732email
 Bohn, Sara
District A Supervisor(540) 632-3303email
 DeMotts, April - Vice Chair
District G Supervisor(540) 577-0928email
 Fijalkowski, Steve
District C Supervisor
(540) 632-3345
 King, Todd - Chair
District D Supervisor(540) 315-2302
 Sheppard, Darrell
District E Supervisor(540) 577-0813email
 Tuck, Christopher
District B Supervisor(540) 633-2354email

Clerk of Circuit Court

 Adams, BridgetChief Deputy Court Clerk(540) 382-5760

 Bonds, Hailey
Judicial Assistant to Judge Long(540) 382-5754, opt. #3
 Conner, Erica W.
Clerk of the Circuit Court
(540) 382-5760
 Couch, TiffanyDeputy Court Clerk(540) 382-5760 
 Glass, Stephanie
Senior Deputy Court Clerk
(540) 382-5760, opt. #2
 Griffith, Rebecca
Deputy Court Clerk
(540) 382-5760
 Lewis, Tonya
Deputy Court Clerk
(540) 382-5760, opt. #2
 Moore, John
Deputy Court Clerk
(540) 382-5760
 Morrison, Chassidy
Judicial Assistant to Judge Turk
(540) 382-5754, opt #1

 Smith, Ashley
Senior Deputy Court Clerk
(540) 382-5760, opt. #3
 Long, The Hon. Marcus H.Circuit Court Judge  
 Turk, The Hon. Robert M. D.
Circuit Court Judge

Commissioner of the Revenue
 Bland, ThomasCounty Assessor(540) 382-5717, x54058email
 Bolt, KarenTax Specialist(540) 382-5717, x54051email
 Broughton, MelanieTax Specialist(540) 382-5710, x54047email
 Graham, ChasidiTax Specialist(540) 382-5710, x54053email
 Hester, PaulCartographer(540) 382-5710, x54130email
 Hill, SusanAssistant County Assessor(540) 382-5717, x54059email
 Huff, HeatherTax Supervisor(540) 382-5710, x54039email
 Justice, MaryTax Technician(540) 382-5710, x54041email
 Lester, TammyTax Technician(540) 382-5710, x54037email
 Lewis, VonSenior Tax Technician(540) 382-5710, x54038email
 Moore, JesseChief Deputy(540) 382-5710, x54036email
 Royal, HelenCommissioner of the Revenue(540) 382-5710, x54043email
 Walters, NancySenior Tax Technician(540) 382-5710, x54048email
 Winkle, BrendaTax Supervisor(540) 382-5710, x54042email

Commonwealth's Attorney
 Agee, CristinaAssistant Commonwealth's Attorney(540) 382-5705, x53231email
 Dobbins, ConnieLegal Assistant(540) 382-5705, x53241email
 Dorsey, ChristopherAssistant Commonwealth's Attorney(540) 382-5705, x53240email
 Flinchum, SharonLegal Assistant(540) 382-5705, x53237email
 Grubb, JoyceLegal Assistant(540) 382-5705, x53236email
 Jensen, PatrickChief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney(540) 382-5705, x53239
 Lamb, SarahVictim-Witness Coordinator(540) 382-5705, x53248email
 Little, ErinAssistant Commonwealth's Attorney(540) 382-5705, x53238email
 Linkous,LauraLegal Assistant(540) 382-5705, x53230email
 Norman, SamuelAssistant Commonwealth's Attorney(540) 382-5705, x53235email
 Obenshain, J. Christian
Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney(540) 382-5705, x53233email
 Owens, CarrieVictim-Witness Coordinator(540) 382-5705, x53250email
 Porter, SabrinaVictim-Witness Coordinator(540) 382-5705, x53246email
 Spence, Keith R.Victim-Witness Coordinator(540) 382-5705, x53249email
 Wolz, Jennifer L.Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney(540) 382-5705, x53234email

County Administration
 Edmonds, CarolDeputy County Administrator (540) 382-6954email
 Kiser, JudyAssistant to the County Administrator(540) 382-6954email
 Marshall, Amy
Program Assistant (540) 382-6954email
 Meadows, CraigCounty Administrator(540) 382-6954email
 Swinney, VickieSecretary to the Board(540) 382-6954email

County Attorney
 McMahon, MartyCounty Attorney(540) 382-5730, x54023email
 Turner, NancyProgram Assistant(540) 382-5730, x54016email

Economic Development
 Cline, Rachel
Assistant(540) 382-5732, x54005
 Hamilton, Brian, CEcDEconomic Development Director(540) 382-5732, x54009email
 Rigney, BrendaProject Manager(540) 382-5732, x54002email
 Shrewsbury, AshlynProject Manager(540) 382-5732, x54021email

Emergency Services
 Turner, Kenneth NealEmergency Services Coordinator(540) 394-2146, x54158email

Engineering & Regulatory Compliance
 Burke, John
Stormwater Specialist
(540) 394-2090, x54133
 Hawthorne, Jenny
Program Assistant
(540) 382-5750, x54134
 Saunders, JohnBuilding Inspector(540) 382-5750, x54145email
 Snider, JessicaProgram Assistant(540) 382-5750, x54086email
 Woodrum, Scott Director of Environmental Services (540) 394-2090, x54085 email
 Yeager, BillBuilding Official(540) 382-5750, x54144email

Extension Office
 Dickerson, Michelle4-H Agent(540) 382-5790, x54206email
 Helm, AngieFoods and Nutrition Program Assistant(540) 382-5790, x54204email
Master Gardener Coordinator(540) 382-5790, x54211 email 
 Miller, Lisa4-H Program Assistant(540) 382-5790, x54207email
 Palomino, MargaritaAdministrative Assistant(540) 382-5790, x54208email
 Scott, KelliANR Extension Agent(540) 382-5790, x54210email

Finance and Purchasing
 Albert, JessicaProcurement Technician(540) 394-2120, x54068email
 Dickerson, SusanSenior Program Assistant(540) 394-2120, x54072email
 Hall, HeatherProcurement Manager(540) 382-5784email
 Hill, AngieDirector of Finance/CFO
(540) 382-6960email
 Kaiser, PaulBusiness/Financial Analyst (540) 394-2120, x54069email
 Magruder, MarcBudget Manager(540) 382-6960
 Mitcham, Lori BethAccountant(540) 382-6930email
 Poff, KarenPayroll Supervisor(540) 394-2120, x54065email
 Rash, RhondaAccountant(540) 394-2120, x54062email
 Rayne, LisaAssistant Director of Finance
(540) 394-2120, x54061email

General Services
 Dulaney, TabathaAdministrative Manager(540) 382-5793, x54082email
 Long, WilliamAssistant General Services Manager(540) 394-2120, x54083email
 Ross, Candace
Office Assistant
(540) 382-5793, x54079

Health Department
 Bissell, Noelle
Health Director(540) 585-3304email
 Coggins, GaryEnvironmental Health Manager Senior(540) 585-3342
 Deese, Jason
Epidemiologist(540) 585-3325
 Linkous, DavidLocal Emergency Health Coordinator
(540) 585-3298
 Marshall, Rebecca
Executive Secretary Senior(540) 585-3328email
 Norman, Tiffany
Administrator(540) 585-3316
 Parker, BobbyPublic Information Officer (Regional)(540) 580-2960
 Williams, Dyana
Nurse Manager Senior
(540) 585-3355email

Human Resources

Hall, KimberlyProgram Assistant
(540) 394-2007email
 Howell, LauraHR Technician(540) 394-2007
 McCoy, ClayHR Director(540) 394-2007
 Walters, Karen
HR Clerk
(540) 394-2007email

Human Services
 Richelle Price
Community Programs (540) 394-2084email
 Hayes, Amanda RSVP Coordinator(540) 382-5775 email 
 Jones, Fred RSVP Van Driver (540) 382-5775 email
 Ramsey, DawnSenior Program Assistant(540) 382-5776email
 Stilwell, AvaRSVP Program Assistant(540) 382-5775email
 Winn, Tonia
Human Services Director(540) 382-5781email

Information Technology
 Carver, Elaine
IT Business Analyst
(540) 394-2120, x54099email
 Cole, TroyTechnology Support Specialist(540) 394-2120, x54098email
 Coyle, TimothyTechnology Support Specialist(540) 394-2120, x54093email
 Martin, Philip
Information Technology Director
(540) 394-2120, x54096
 Peoples, James
Cyber Security Analyst
(540) 394-2120, x54100email
 Western, Tim
Systems Architect
(540) 394-2120
 Whyte, StephanieSenior Applications Specialist(540) 394-2120, x54090email
 Winchell, JimLead IT - Systems Engineer(540) 394-2120, x54095email

 Bellman, RuthSenior Program Assistant(540) 382-6965, x210email
 Cooper, YanniDigital Services Specialist(540) 552-8246, x100email
 Copus, Kerri
Assistant Branch Supervisor
(540) 552-8246, x107email
 Elledge, ChristopherLibrary Systems Administrator(540) 552-8246, x111email
 Hall, MonenaLibrary Supervisor(540) 382-8264, x109email
 Khan, Karim
Library Director
(540) 382-6965, x216email
 Minnick, CindyBranch Library Supervisor(540) 268-1964, x404email
 Pahl, SarahYouth Services Manager(540) 552-8246, x110email
 Reedy, VickiLibrary Acquisition Manager(540) 382-6965, x213email
 Sayers, JuneLibrary Business Manager(540) 382-6965, x223email
 Schiller, Virginia
Computer Technology Specialist
(540) 382-6969, x113email
 Spivey, LindaLibrary Programs Coordinator(540) 382-6965, x221email
 Sullivan, Salena
Branch Library Supervisor
(540) 382-6965, x214email
 Tabor, Jessica
Assistant Branch Supervisor
(540) 382-6965, x224email
 Wren, JanetAssistant Branch Supervisor(540) 268-1964, x403email

 Brugh, DanMPO Executive Director(540) 394-2145, x54159email
 Gwinn, RandalMPO - IT Program Assistant(540) 394-2120, x54170email

Parks and Recreation
 Kemvia Adams-BushSeniors & Tours Supervisor(540) 382-6975, option 3
 Brad BuchananParks & Outdoor Recreation Supervisor
(540) 382-6975, option 6
 Ashley Hadidian
Athletics Supervisor (Eastern Montgomery)
(540) 382-6975, option 5
 Mitchell HaughParks & Recreation Director(540) 382-6975, option 8
 Chris SlusherAthletics Supervisor (Auburn)
(540) 382-6975, option 4
 Kayla Criner
Recreation Assistant
(540) 382-6975, option 1
 Allison ZuchowskiAquatics & Community Programs Supervisor
(540) 382-6975, option 7

Planning and GIS
 Gibson, EmilyPlanning Director(540) 394-2148, x54139email
 Hopkins, BreaDevelopment Planner(540) 394-2148, x54132email
 Jenkins, DariPlanning & Zoning Administrator(540) 394-2148, x54138email
 Nester, LeannProgram Assistant(540) 394-2148, x54137email
 Wright, Kimberly
Planning Coordinator
(540) 394-2148, x54030email
 Sutherland, Michael K.GIS Manager(540) 394-2148, x54131email
 Mans, Ingrid J.GIS Analyst(540) 394-2148, x54146email

Public Information 
 Aguilar, DerleyMultimedia Producer
(540) 394-2120, x54104email
 Harris, Jennifer
Public Information Director(540) 394-2120, x54001email
 Rosenfeld, JoshuaMultimedia Station Manager
(540) 394-2120, x54101email

Public Service Authority
 Campbell, ChuckPSA Director(540) 381-1997, x54151
 Cridlin, Karri Senior Program Assistant (540) 381-1997  x54154 
 Todora, DonOperations Specialist(540) 381-1997, x54161email

 Hayes, AmandaProgram Coordinator(540) 382-5775email
 Jones, FredVan driver(540) 382-5775email
 Stilwell, AvaProgram Assistant(540) 382-5775email

Sheriff's Office
 St. Clair, Brad
Chief Deputy Sheriff(540) 382-6915, x44407email
 Partin, Hank
Sheriff(540) 382-6915email

Social Services
 Anderson, AmyFamily Services Supervisor - Adult Protective Services
(540) 382-6990, x53464email
 Cook, HarmonyFamily Services Supervisor - Child Protective Services(540) 382-6990, x53447email
 Edmonson, KellyFamily Services Supervisor - Foster Care & Adoption (540) 382-6990, x53465email
 Lindsey, LarryDirector(540) 382-6990, x53420email
 Martin, CindyAdministrative Manager
(540) 382-6990, x53418email
 Neel-Kinder, TerriBenefit Program Supervisor(540) 382-6990, x53446email
 Taylor, Kesha
Benefit Program Supervisor
(540) 382-6990, x53459email
 Wilder, Terri
Fraud Investigator
(540) 382-6990, x53427email

  Bleakley, LisaDirector of Tourism(540) 394-2120, x54225email
  Kilmer, Irene
Visitor Relations Manager
(540) 577-6054

Treasurer's Office
 Abate, DebraTax Technician(540) 382-5723, x54191email
 Akers, LisaTax Specialist(540) 382-5723, x54176email
 Boothe, Melinda
Tax Technician
(540) 382-5723, x54193
 Caldwell, SusanSenior Tax Technician(540) 382-5723, x54185email
 Dickerson, DorisSenior Tax Technician(540) 382-5723, x54184email
 Smith, PamelaTax Specialist(540) 382-5723, x54178email
 Smith, ShirleneTax Technician(540) 382-5723, x54196email
 St. Clair, HelenTreasurer
(540) 382-5723, x54180email
 Weaver, MaryTax Specialist(540) 382-5723, x54177email
 Willis, NormaSenior Tax Technician(540) 382-5723, x54183email
 Woods, BrendaMaster Deputy Treasurer(540) 382-5723, x54179email

Voter Registration
 Bleakley, Charles "Zeke"Deputy Assistant Registrar(540) 382-5741, x54169email
 French, Trina
Assistant Registrar
(540) 382-5741, x54167
 Mitchell, GlennaAssistant Registrar(540) 382-5741, x54166email
 Viar, Connie M.General Registrar(540) 382-5741, x54165email