Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and advises them on planning, zoning and land use issues. The Commission reviews each application for rezoning or special use permit, conducts a public hearing to receive public comment, and then makes a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors, which makes the final decision. Citizen input is a vital part of this process.

Planning Commission agendas and application materials for upcoming public hearings are posted for public review. It is not always reliable to depend on the applicant or neighbors for information you need to know. For complete details, please contact the Planning and GIS Services Department.

The Commission generally looks at these major issues in making its recommendation:

Does the proposed use conform to the County Code?
Does the proposed use conform to the Comprehensive Plan?
Is the proposed use compatible with surrounding development?
What impact will the proposed use have on public facilities and services?

The most effective way to participate is to attend the public hearing and voice your opinion. Each individual speaker may speak one time and is given three minutes at the public hearing, so comments should be concise to make sure you get your point across in the time allotted. Comments also may be given through written correspondence or email to the Planning Department.

Download: Special Use Permit Application, Rezoning Application

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