Warrants/Civil process/Courthouse Security 

Deputies assigned to Courthouse security are responsible for its courtrooms and environs, including General District Court, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and the Circuit Court. There can be as many as four courts in session at the same time with up to eight or more bailiffs (deputies) working the courts. The courts are in session five days a week. The bailiffs are responsible for the security and safety of all court personnel, judges, witnesses, inmates, victims and spectators during a criminal or civil trial.

Warrants/civil process deputies are responsible for the service of all criminal warrants, capias issued by the courts, and any other documents of arrest. The warrant deputies also serve most juvenile arrest orders and mental health detention orders, which may require transporting individuals to facilities anywhere in Virginia. Fugitives that are located in other states are extradited and returned here for court. This requires the deputies to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly with weapons and prisoners onboard commercial aircrafts. Deputies are also responsible for conducting sheriff’s sales generated by court actions, and service of civil documents issued by the court, including civil, criminal, witness subpoenas, divorce actions, child support, custody petitions, evictions, warrants in debt, and juvenile petitions.

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