CSI CAMP Frequently Asked Questions

Camp CSI will expose middle and high school students to all aspects of criminal justice. Campers will have hands-on experiences in crime scene investigation, criminal investigation, forensic lab techniques, criminal justice technology, courtroom testimony, and more. These camps will be conducted on the campus of Radford University, using their state of the art facilities, and will be instructed by Radford University faculty members.

Note - Students registering for Session 1: The Middle School Camp must be entering sixth, seventh, or eight grades only. Students registering for Session 2: The High School Camp must be entering ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grades only.

Before your registration can be considered COMPLETE, ALL FORMS from the Registration Form Packet must be complete and turned in to the Montgomery County Parks & Recreation Office.

Basic Daily Schedule of CSI Camp:

7:30-8:30AMCamp Drop Off
8:30-9:00AMGroup Daily Opening Activity
9:00-11:30AMCSI Field Activity
12:30-1:30PMGroup Daily Teambuilding Activity
1:30-4:30PMCSI Field Activity
4:30-5:30PMCamp Pick Up

Campers may arrive as early as 7:30am and depart as late as 5:30pm. Drop off and pick up each day is at the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building on the Radford University Campus.


Upon arrival each morning, campers must be checked in with a staff member who will be available from 7:30am to 8:30am at the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building – Main Street side – Parking lot B on the map.

After 9:00am, parents need to check their camper with a staff member, consult the bulletin board and personally escort their child to his/her assigned activity area. DO NOT drop your child off after 9:00am expecting him/her to get to their activity by themselves. This policy is for your child’s safety when arriving after our program day begins.

If by 10am your child has not been checked into camp, you may receive a phone call to assure camp staff that your child is not attending on that particular day. If you know in advance that your child will not be attending on a particular day, please call the office at (540) 382-6975 to let them know, or send a note to camp the day before your child’s absence to let us know.

If your child will be driving themselves to camp each day, this will need to be noted on their registration and they will need to pick up a parking pass the first morning of camp during check-in. The camper will be responsible for parking the appropriate parking lot for the visitor pass and must observe all University rules and regulations. Regular parking enforcement hours are Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. RUPD may issue citations 24/7 for violations such as blocking a fire hydrant, blocking an entrance or egress, blocking a drive, parking in a handicapped space without a DMV issued permit, parking on the grass or sidewalk, etc.


Our formal check-out process, supervised by a camp staff member, begins daily at 4:30pm at College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building – Main Street side – Parking lot B on the map.

  • If you should want to pick up your child earlier than 4:30pm, please send a note so we can have your child waiting.
  • If your child is driving themselves to and from camp each day they will be responsible for checking out at the end of the day with the camp counselor.
  • If you should want your child to go home with someone other than those listed on your child’s registration form, you must complete the camper release form (found with the registration packet). Please be advised that identification may be necessary.
  • Any child who is gone at the end of the day, but not checked out, is considered missing. Attempts will be made to contact the parents before authorities are called to institute our search procedure.

Please make sure that your child is picked up on time – it is not only a hardship on the staff, but very uncomfortable for the child.

CSI Camp Boundaries

CSI Camp participants must remain within the Radford University Campus boundaries at all times. Unwillingness or inability to do so may result in dismissal from camp. Camp staff are responsible for reviewing boundaries with campers on the first day of each session and any other time deemed appropriate or necessary.


We ask that you review the following camper rules with your child. These rules have been specifically designed for the enjoyment, safety, and well-being of your child while at camp.

Campers will:

  • Stay within the boundaries at all times during camp operation
  • Refrain from any form of violence directed towards himself/herself and towards fellow campers, such as – but not limited to – biting, hitting, and kicking (see our Bullying Policy)
  • Stay within his/her group unless otherwise instructed
  • Listen to and follow all directions from camp counselors and staff
  • Refrain from obscene language

Engage in proper use of all camp equipment under proper supervision

Personal Items

Personal Items not needed at camp should be left at home, Montgomery County Parks and Recreation will NOT be responsible for lost or damaged items.

Policy on Discipline

If your child’s behavior becomes dangerous, destructive, embarrassing, or disruptive to the group it may be necessary for staff to intervene with some form of discipline.

  • Discipline shall be timely and appropriate to the action
  • Discipline shall be hair and consistently applied
  • All rules shall be appropriate and understandable to the children to which they apply
  • Expected behavior shall be on a child’s level

Policy on Bullying

This policy is not intended to prohibit expression of religious, philosophical, or political views, provided that the expression does not substantially disrupt the educational environment. Many behaviors that do not rise to the level of harassment, intimidation, or bullying may still be prohibited by other policies, rules, or regulations.

Montgomery County Parks and Recreation and Summer Camp operate on a three-strike policy.

  1. The first infraction of behavior management will result in a verbal warning between staff and campers.
  2. The second infraction will result in a time-out/loss of activity participation privilege and a notification of the parents(s).
  3. A third infraction will result in a conference between the camper(s), parent(s), Camp Supervisor, Aquatics and Community Programs Supervisor, and Parks and Recreation Director (if needed). This third infraction can result in removal from the camp program.

Refunds are not given to any camper who is sent home/removed from the program for disciplinary reasons.

Policy on Dismissal

The program and schedule for Summer Camp is designed to meet the needs of children for the developmental experiences in all areas of growth within a group setting. Under certain circumstances, the parent(s) may be asked to withdraw their child from camp. That child will not be able to return for the rest of the summer.

Criteria for dismissal:

  • The second instance of a camper arriving prior to 7:30am or departing later than 5:30pm
  • The third notice to the parent/guardian about behavioral problems; this will warrant being asked to leave for the summer
  • The Aquatics and Community Programs Supervisor and/or Parks and Recreation Director reserve the right to dismiss a child after less notice due to significance of incident.

A final warning will be issued to parents before dismissal.

Refunds will not be given when dismissal is issued for these reasons.


Oral medications may be administered at camp.

Injectables cannot be administered.

Only provide enough medication to camp for your child for one week. Prescription medications must be in their original container with the prescription label attached.

  • Please label medication containers properly to include the following very clearly:
  • Name of the child to receive medication
  • Name of the medication
  • Dosage amount and time(s) to be given

Physicals & Immunizations

Each child enrolled in camp MUST have the following at least one week prior to camp beginning:

  • Completed registration packet
  • Immunization record
  • Camp health form

Immunization records can be obtained and the Camp Health Form filled out at your doctor’s office. Any child who does not have these forms on file by 5pm on Monday, the week prior to their session of camp, will not be able to participate until these forms are submitted.


Lunch will be served daily during at Dalton Dining Hall on campus. Dalton dining hall has various meal options to choose from – salad bar, pizza, a rotating menu of meals, and dessert. Dalton meals are all you can eat.

If you have dietary concerns, please let us know when you register for camp.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds are automatic if Camp must be cancelled by Montgomery County Parks and Recreation.
  • Refunds will be given only if notification is received before the session deadline (One week prior to camp beginning). After that time, no refunds will be offered.