Montgomery County Clerk of Court expands electronic filing of land records

The Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is pleased to announce the expansion of electronic recording (E-Recording) by accepting additional types of land recording documents.  
Effective July 1, 2019, an additional fee of $5.00 per instrument for every land record, filed by paper will be collected pursuant to Virginia Code §17.1-258.3:1. However, no $5.00 fee is applied if filed electronically. 

“We value our relationship with citizens and frequent users of the office and hope that this expansion offers more alternatives and ease of use in recording,” said Clerk of the Court, Erica Conner. 

“We are always available in person to assist, and continue to accept land recordings by paper. We strive to promote efficiency by using available technology to continually improve the services offered to the citizens of Montgomery County and the frequent users of the office,” said Conner.

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