2023 Reassessment Underway

The reassessed property values will go into effect Jan. 1, 2023, and will remain in effect for four years until the next reassessment.


Montgomery County has hired Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group Ltd. to conduct the 2023 general reassessment of real estate. The appraisal firm will examine sales data and visit nearly 40,000 parcels and 3,300 manufactured homes to establish fair market values for the reassessment.

Field workers will be visiting every taxable and nontaxable property in the County over the next several months to verify property information, such as square feet, and number of bedrooms and baths. Field workers will have County identification badges and cars marked “County Reassessment.”

If an owner is not present at the time of the visit, a notice will be left on the door indicating the property has been inspected. If additional data is needed or the owner has any pertinent information which can affect the value of their property, residents may call 540-394-3180, email

The County is required by the Code of Virginia to reassess properties at 100 percent of market value at least every four years. The reassessed value and the real estate tax rate are used to determine real estate tax bills. Property owners will receive notices of the new assessed values in the of fall 2022. The reassessed property values will go into effect Jan. 1, 2023, and will remain in effect until the 2027 reassessment.


Current appraiser activity (as of 2/10/22)

  • Eric Eanes - Subdivisions near Uptown Christiansburg (formerly New River Valley Mall), Pepper’s Ferry Road.
  • Robbie Long - Roanoke Street (near car dealerships).
  • Gary Eanes - Roanoke Street (commercial properties).
  • Alan Shelton - Peppers Ferry Road (Radford Arsenal to Town of Christiansburg), some areas of Prices Fork.
  • Agnew Stathos - Riner (Route 8 and Auburn Hills).
  • Tim James - Christiansburg Mountain to Elliston; Shawsville and Elliston.
  • Amanda Long - Mobile home parks.


Appraiser Eric EanesAppraiser Gary EanesAppraiser Tim JamesAppraiser Amanda Long

Eric Eanes
Black Land Rover LR2,

Plate# URX-4140
White BMW, Plate# URB-3813

Gary Eanes
White Volvo, Plate# UHR-4411

Tim James
Grey Volvo XC 90, Plate# UVN-9412

Amanda Long
Grey Toyota Tacoma TRD, Plate# UDA-7414
Appraiser Amanda LongAppraiser Alan SheltonAppraiser Agnew Stathos
Robbie Long
White Honda HRV, Plate# UVF-1725
Alan Shelton
Black Toyota Prius, Plate# DTZ862 West VA
Agnew Stathos
White Lexus RX SUV, Plate# UKH-4637


2023 General Reassessment of Real Estate


Reassessment is the process of determining the value of property or land for tax purposes. Reassessments are required by law to insure that each property is valued fairly. The purpose of property tax reassessment is to realign the values of real property that are determined with values of other kinds of property that are assessed annually, such as personal property, utilities and mobile homes.

As required by the Code of Virginia, Montgomery County is required to reassess all real property at least every four years at fair market value. Property taxes are calculated using the assessed value and the tax rate. The 2019 reassessment results went into effect on Jan. 1, 2019.

A reassessment will result in a new value being established for your property. This new value will replace the value currently on your property and will be the basis used for taxing property. Please remember that an increase or decrease in property value does not automatically mean an increase or decrease in your property taxes.

The County is divided into smaller neighborhoods for market comparison. Each property is visited by a field inspector who verifies data and collects additional data. The field review is done with the homeowner if they are at home. Typically, the inspector will not enter into a dwelling. The work of field inspectors is reviewed by field supervisors, who often will not need to leave their vehicle to talk to the property owner unless there is a question. Data collection is entered into the mass appraisal system and accuracy validated. Neighborhood sales, land values, yearly appreciation trends and other data are analyzed throughout the process.

After reassessment is completed, property owners are notified. Property owners who disagree with the reassessment results are given an opportunity to two levels of appeals. The first level is the informal hearings conducted by the assessors who have conducted the general reassessment.  The second level is to appeal to a Board of Equalization appointed by the Circuit Court from recommendations made by the County.

Montgomery County's 2019 general reassessment was conducted by Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group of Daleville. They will also be conducting the current 2023 general reassessment. Field work is underway now.

The most frequent cause of change in value results from a change in the market. When market value changes, so do assessed values. A property's value can also change for other reasons, such as additions, garages, remodeling or damage or destruction.


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